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Advertising / branding / creative / design have always been about increasing sales, revenue and profits. Unfortunately, most agencies have forgotten this point and are a bit hesitant to be held accountable to the bottom line.

We believe there’s too much talk in our industry of selling “tone, texture and color palettes,” and some agencies tend to get sidetracked. Not us – we are here to sell you “effective.” We’re here to create momentum, create conversions and generate ROI.

Let’s give them a good reason to buy from you.

Creating business growth through marketing and advertising is all about answering the golden brand question: “Why should I buy from your company, and not your competitor down the street?” That’s the question we keep asking ourselves as we walk through life and trying to evaluate other ad campaigns, brand communications and other marketing. Unfortunately the answer is usually not very clear. And it should be – if those companies are getting their money’s worth. Marketing, ad campaigns, brochures and web efforts are not cheap, and they are only worth investing in if they persuade people to get up off their couches and into the showrooms, go online and buy, call for more info, or set an appointment with a sales rep – you determine what you want them to do, its our job to provide the strategic communication and motivation.

There’s always a way to keep track.

With so much of your communication online nowadays, it’s much easier to quantify inquiries, leads and sales. But even with print, you can usually include a vehicle to track responses to help gauge ROI. From unique 800 numbers to response codes, sweepstakes and promo codes, there’s always a way to track your in-bound leads.

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